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Top tips for surviving the winter in your student house

Top tips for surviving the winter in your student house
This time of year, nothing reminds you of your precarious financial situation more than getting home out of the cold and the heating being...well, non-excistent. 

Here are some tips to stay warm this winter;

Stockpile thick jumpers/sweatpants. That’s tip number one. 

That’s because these cozy if a little unflattering, outfits are likely to become what you yearn for every time you head out into the dreaded cold. Morphing into a catch-all outfit of coziness, that flexes from pajamas to general inside wear, you’ll eventually become an avid sweatsuit wearer. 

Short tip number two -Actually put on an extra jumper or extra blanket: Layers are key! 

Tip number 3- Turn your bed into your office

There comes a time, usually in the depths of June when it’s just too cold to do anything when the extra layers and trackies combo just won’t cut it. It’s time to move into the bed. With a bit of luck, you’ll have a decent duvet. If not, load up on blankets – the more the better. And if you’re feeling flush, you could even invest in a heated blanket, but tbh you’ll probably never want to leave the house again if you do that. This is your home now. Your pillowy retreat for essay-writing, revising, and anything else that doesn’t require movement.

Tip number 4-
Hot drinks are a MUST

We know you needed an excuse to drink more tea or coffee, so here it is! Winter practically comes with a requirement to carry a hot drink with you at all times, especially when you’re a student in a freezing cold student house. Do your part for your housemates and become the designated tea maker – they’ll love you forever.

Bonus quick tips-

*Now for some creative ideas to heat your house without using too much electricity;
Leave the oven door open after using it-Might as well take advantage of the heat you used to heat up your food, right?

*Hot water bottles are your best friend
The classic technique for staying warm – carrying a hot water bottle around with you at all times. Bonus points if it’s a fluffy hot water bottle. Hot water bottles are effective, cheap and portable, making them so much better than an electric blanket.

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