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Last month of classes before examinations -Tips to get ahead.

Last month of classes before examinations -Tips to get ahead.
It may not be the reminder you want to hear right now, but exam season is fast approaching. It is time to bunker down and revise, revise, revise

Here are some tips to get ahead;

Make the Most of Class Time

Attend all class sessions, pay close attention to the lectures, and take notes in a way that makes sense for you. The goal is to be able to understand your notes when you review them later. 

“Taking good notes means you pay more attention during class,” suggests Oliver, a Chinese international student at the University of Kansas. “When you prepare for the test, it will be really helpful.” And if something does not make sense, raise your hand and ask, or make a note to follow up with your professor or teacher assistant (also known as a TA) after class. 

Your health is wealth

If like many people, you're going to binge eat because it's winter and well... it's just cold, you're likely going to feel a little 'slow' at getting back into your studies too. The time you spend studying needs to be of quality, and you cannot do this well if your body is suffering. Do your best to stay healthy. Eat green, clean foods and avoid the heavy, sugary, fatty feasts warmed up in the microwave. Drink plenty of water. And don't skip on exercise or gym days. Find the time to keep your body fit, and your mental ability will improve.

The power of sleep

Certainly, part of keeping a healthy body is getting the right amount of sleep. You are going to need it. Sleep will help you process and sort all the information you are trying to stuff into your head. Sleep will help you manage stress. Sleep will keep you fit and healthy. Get your seven or eight hours of rest at night, on a regular schedule.

Find study buddies

How many students have you seen sitting alone at a desk in a corner of the library, studying late into the night? It's a common scenario. But one of the best ways to learn is by working with others. Together you can find holes in what you know, reinforce the essential information, associate information with contexts, and just compare notes. You can quiz each other and compete for asking the most difficult questions. Just try and ensure that the people you work with are serious and committed to doing well; you don't want to get caught up with lazy slackers. This leads us on to...

The pub can wait

There will always be students that want to do well, and students that do not care if they do well. You want to be the former and avoid the latter. There will be students who feel like they have studied enough and are ready to hit the pubs. And there are friends who will want you to come along. You can’t. Be firm and serious on this point. Say no. There will be time later, once exams are out of the way.

Say bye to social media

The sad truth is that web surfing and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so forth can suck up huge amounts of your time. Who hasn’t opened their phone just to check an email, and two hours of social browsing later wondered where on Earth the time went? The best thing to do is take a break. They will still be there for you when you finish your university exams. And your energy will be far better spent focusing on exams.

Establish your territory

In order to revise well, you need to find a space in which you can be most productive. Some people need to be in a room so quiet you can hear your own heartbeat. Others work best when there is noise and distraction. Some like the comfort of their bedroom; others prefer the formality of the library. Either way, it won't be helpful to move from one space to another. Instead, establish a study territory and be consistent with the time you spend there.

Uni is a rumor mill

Every exam season, rumors are started and spread like wildfire. Wrong information often gets passed around – you may hear that you do not need to worry about this or that. Or that the exam will be really easy, or really hard. Some students want to sabotage other people’s efforts; sometimes they are just misinformed. The sole authority for all these things is always the teacher running the class. Verify any rumors, no matter how real or possible they may sound.

Be quizmaster

One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to actually make up a sample one for yourself. It's can be a very therapeutic and helpful process. First, imagine you are your professor, but a very mean version, and make an exam out of the most difficult questions you can pull together. Then take this exam, and retake it. It's an excellent way to prepare. It may also help if you have a partner or group, where each person creates an exam with the intention of failing the others – the winner gets a prize!

Forget what you know (for now)

One trick to really learning the material well is figuring out what you know and what you don't. There are three general areas here: information you know and won't likely forget the information you know but sometimes forget or confuse, and information that you do not know (and perhaps do not know that you do not know). It sounds obvious, but don't waste time revising what you know. Focus on what you do not. You must find your weaknesses before your examiner does.

Play detective

Alright Sherlock, you need to flex your detective skills here and try and dig out copies of old exams. They can be a very effective learning tool. For many of the standard courses, the Internet may have various sample university exams or common questions of which you can make use in your studies. You may also ask the professor if they have old exams they might share or professors from other sections. But do this early, however, to give yourself time to find what you need.

Reward Yourself

Good study habits are hard work! Treat yourself to breaks and little rewards to keep you going. Healthy snacks, nice walks outside, or even an episode of your favorite TV show are good ways to keep you motivated. 

Knowing your own effective study strategies is key to success in your University career, and will help with career projects and presentations after graduation, too. Finding the study tips that work best for you will save you time and energy and earn you the best results. 

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